Why would anyone want to try to be a super hero…..

I think the better question to ask is WHO WOULDN’T?


Since this isn’t a comic book or video game, we don’t have to wear tights and save helpless people.  We can make our own definition of what it means to be a super hero.  For me, I want to work on my bucket list, find some balance in my life and be a healthy person inside and out.  This blog is me sharing how I am working on being the super hero I have always wanted to me.

What gave me idea you ask??  There is this great blog out there Nerd Fitness, who I will plug for being inspirational.  This post is the reason I am becoming my own super hero.  In the next few posts I will follow the steps, decide what I want, make an alter-ego, find a theme song and maybe even decide exactly what I stand for.


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